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April 26, 2024

Upgrade Legacy Pumps With Modern Materials and the Latest Technology

New and legacy pumps are an essential part of many facilities such as water for municipalities, oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, and many others. In the end, all pumps eventually succumb to wear, corrosion, and slowdowns or breakdowns. It is critical to have a plan in place for repairs and replacements, but there is another course of action. Below, we will show you why  and how to upgrade legacy pumps with modern materials and the latest technology.

Begin With a Goal

Do you have a pump that isn’t meeting certain output, power usage, or even compliance requirements? You don’t have to replace it entirely. You may be capable of upgrading components on the pump itself to meet these requirements. Begin by clearly stating what minimum and ideal goals you have for your pump and pump system, as well as your current specifications.

Move on to Design

Have your engineers develop a 3D CAD drawing to detail your new pump. You may use laser scanners as well as digital coordinate measuring machines to measure the necessary new design accurately. Feel free to come up with several designs at this stage to achieve the best outcome. You can even come up with designs for upgrades for your pump that use direct, indirect, and hybrid additive manufacturing options.

Choose Type of AM

Now that you have your designs, you can narrow your decision down to one of the three options. For example, direct additive manufacturing is a good choice when working with materials such as 316L stainless steel or Inconel 625. Indirect AM generally involves making the replacement parts out of wax or plastic to then be used to create a mould for the metal alloy. The hybrid process is often used in the oil and gas industry to complete the quick build of a single machine, such as an impeller in large volumes.

Measure Results

Prior to upgrades, the only choices were to replace the pump or purchase replacement parts, which may be just as much as a new pump. New technology and materials allow for solutions that can have your pumps back in production in less time and for less cost. This is why it is essential you measure results as specifically as possible. This includes the installation or upgrade of technology that measures performance. This can be done for essential indicators such as:

  • Rounds per minute.
  • Power usage.
  • Operating and resting temperature.
  • Temperature of certain components.
  • Fluctuations in performance.
  • And many others.

Houston Dynamic Supply Helps You Upgrade Legacy Pumps With Modern Materials and the Latest Technology

Do you have outdated equipment that needs to be upgraded with modern materials and/or the latest technology? The team at Houston Dynamic Supply can help you modernize all your legacy pumps as well as other rotating equipment. We can diagnose and test your equipment, as well as come up with designs and parts to help you complete your upgrades from start to finish. Contact the team at HDS today to learn more from our experts.