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November 14, 2016
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Repair Sundyne Pump Diffuser Instead of Replacing

ston Dynamic Service has extensive experience repairing Sundyne pumps and compressors. Our goal is to provide repairs that are more cost effective than replacing equipment, with a guarantee that the lead time will be significantly less than you would typically experience when replacing equipment or even critical components.

Why replace equipment or costly components? HDS offers repairs that resolve root cause failure mechanisms for less money and in less time.  Our services go beyond repair, since determining and resolving the root cause of failure provides a long-term solution.

One of the most common causes of pump failure is overamping due to roughness in the diffuser area. In high speed pumps, once a diffuser is “roughed up” it causes friction leading to high amp load. Our standard procedure is to undercut, coat, and grind the  diffuser to restore its original size. We can use the original material or upgrade the diffuser to a harder material. The goal is to provide a surface that won’t pit which in many cases provides a lifetime fix that most repair shops don’t even offer. Because the diffuser is easily pulled from the pump case, most repair shops prefer to replace the part. HDS makes the old part “better than new” and, instead of the 6 weeks it typically takes to replace the diffuser, equipment can be returned to service in about a week.

In addition to repairing damage caused by overamping, HDS offers repairs to resolve the following:

  • Seal failure
  • Lubrication related bearing failures
  • Vibration
  • Imbalance

Don’t just keep replacing parts! Contact HDS for all your Sundyne equipment repairs to save money and reduce down-time.