Houston Dynamic Now Offering Sundyne Equipment Repairs and Parts
September 28, 2016
Repair Sundyne Pump Diffuser Instead of Replacing
December 23, 2016

Extend Seal Life with Sundyne Seal Failure Analysis from HDS

Houston Dynamic has the expertise and inventory to repair or rebuild Sundyne pumps and compressors, and the job is guaranteed to cost less than exchanging key parts for refurbished parts. You can also be assured of shorter lead times and no expedite charges. We understand the frustration our customers experience when they have a pump pulled out of service for months. That won’t happen when they partner with HDS for Sundyne equipment repairs.

HDS can also provide the invaluable service of Seal Failure Analysis as part of a Sundyne repair.  Too often we talk to customers who find they continue to replace mechanical seals without learning the true root cause of the seal failure. The quick fix is to simply send the seal back to the manufacturer and get a replacement; but if the seal continues to fail prematurely, Seal Failure Analysis offers significant savings by extending equipment runtime and eliminating recurring repairs.  We assess the physical damage to the pump, which almost always allows us to determine the root cause of the failure. We then work directly with your seal OEM to address the seal failure mechanism and come up with the right long term solution.

Along with Seal Failure Analysis, we have the capability to solve the following problems and more:

  • Overamping
  • Imbalance
  • Lubrication related bearing failures
  • Vibration

Don’t just keep replacing parts! Contact HDS the next time you have a seal failure in your Sundyne equipment. Our failure analysis could extend the average life of your seals from five months to five years. Why replace when you can repair?