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March 19, 2013
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June 5, 2013

HDS Completes a Large-Scale Horizontal Split Case Project


One of the world’s major oil companies recently hired HDS to inspect and repair a 20+ year-old horizontal split case centrifugal pump.


After disassembling and inspecting the pump, HDS technicians noted that the bearing housings were blown out and had a lot of wear.  This gives the bearings room to move and leads to vibration issues.  When that happens, the pump will not operate efficiently, and it could even result in total pump failure.  Some plants will run straight through that, which could cause major damage and downtime.


The client sent two technicians over to install new Chesterton seals and new shaft sleeves to help keep the shafting and color cool.  HDS machined the mechanical seal mating faces to accept the new mechanical seals, and Belzona was then applied to prevent any future erosion inside the pump case.

Additionally, the customer used this time as an opportunity to have HDS manufacture a new shaft and impeller to be used as spare parts, which will help decrease downtime in the future.

Along the way, the customer spent time in the shop to review the mechanic’s work every step of the way.  They were very involved in the review process, which helps since HDS is assured we are meeting our customer’s repair specifications.