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August 16, 2022
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5 Top Ways Your Equipment Operators Can Improve Reliability

Engineers and skilled technicians are maintaining machinery. Professional technicians are working in industrial plants.

From experience we can tell you your critical equipment and operators are the most valuable assets in your organization. This includes everything from simple machines to the most complex and costly. Operators are the first line of defense and most likely to notice when something is amiss. Don’t waste this important human asset as there are many ways your equipment operators can improve the reliability of your equipment.

  1. Proper Training

We often have to service equipment because it is being improperly used. Each and every operator who touches a piece of equipment should have completed all required training for that piece of equipment, even if they have used a particular piece of equipment in a previous job. They may not know how to integrate their knowledge into your specific application, process, and organization. We highly recommend having a Standard Operating Procedure Manual for each piece of equipment that is regularly updated as needed.

  1. Communication Should Stay Open

As previously stated, your operator most likely works with the same piece or pieces of equipment on a regular basis. They are the most likely to notice if something is off such as:

  • Increased power usage.
  • Decreased output.
  • Strange noises or sounds.
  • Excessive vibration.
  • Loose or broken parts.
  • Leaks or breaks in seals.
  • And much more.

Make sure they know the lines of communications are open and that they can and should report any incident immediately to the proper person. You may even develop or enhance your previous system of filing reports on equipment performance.

 Post and Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Each operator or team of operators should clearly know how and when to clean a piece of equipment. We all know clean machines run more efficiently and need less maintenance. Your operators should have all the tools they need to clean their equipment, know the exact procedures, and have a working knowledge of what a clean machine looks like and how it should run.

 If The Process Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix it

You may be tempted to regularly rotate personnel to different equipment or different parts of the process. It may be beneficial in that workers can be challenged to take on something new. However, the downside is that all their learning and expertise on their previous equipment goes with them.  At times, a change is necessary but use caution and proper training to complete it.

  1. Do Not Forget About Root Cause Analysis

RCA is a critical process in which all failures are recorded, analyzed, and a plan is developed to avoid the next. We’ve previously written on The Importance of Root Cause Analysis and why it is so important. Your operators should be involved in all aspects of RCA and can be very helpful when it comes to the diagnostic phase.

Houston Dynamic Supply Can Help Your Equipment Operators Improve Reliability

Our team has the expertise to repair, refurbish, and even upgrade any faulty piece of equipment. We can also assist in many types of RCA, as well as helping to train your operators on the use of your valuable equipment. We specialize in rotating equipment such as centrifuges, turbines, compressors, fans, blowers, and pumps. Our cutting-edge Gulf Coast facility houses all the equipment and personnel you need to keep your critical equipment running in tip top condition.