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Most Common Types of Speed Increasers and How to Maintain Them

Gearboxes are commonly used in industrial applications to increase, reduce, or maintain speed for a certain process. At times, these processes need an increase in speed during a certain segment. This is where speed increasers come in. Below we will show you the most common types of speed increasers and how to maintain them.

What is a Speed Increaser?

A speed increaser is a type of gearbox used to increase the speed of many types of pieces of equipment. These include engines, spindles, shafts, and other similar machinery. They are designed to be compact and light weight for the best performance and use an epicyclical design (circles within a circle). A speed increaser is usually installed directly to or on the main shaft of the equipment it intends to speed up. Speed increasers are often categorized by number of teeth. A speed increaser uses more teeth than the equipment is installed on, while a speed reducer uses less teeth.

Most Common Types of Speed Increasers

The two most common types of speed increasers include:

  1. Right angle speed increaser – This speed increaser is used when the driveshaft meets the output haft at an angle of 90 degrees. This option may be used in process that need a two-sided hollow shaft. They are a common choice because they can increase speed with efficiency and flexibility.
  2. Hollow shaft speed increaser: This speed increaser is smaller and size and may be connected to a hollow shaft with the proper mounting. It is easy to install because in most cases no intermediate installation processes are needed to allow this speed increaser to perform as intended.

Other types of speed increasers include variable, planetary, parallel shaft, right angle worm or bevel, and many others.

How to Maintain Speed Increasers

One of the best ways to maintain a speed increaser is to perform regular checks and maintenance tasks as recommended by your owner’s manual. It should be part of your regular gearbox maintenance strategy. You should also always operate your gearbox with the correct load.  Loads that are too light mean your gearbox will operate at a higher speed than intended. Loads that are too heavy will put extra stress on the gearbox. Either scenario can damage the gearbox, as well as the surrounding equipment.

We recommend running regular checks for items such as the correct operating temperature, vibration, leaks, oxidation, clogged filters, cracks, and any other damage.

Houston Dynamic Supply Speed Increasers and Maintenance

We at HDS have over 30 years of experience working with all sorts of gearboxes, including speed increasers and speed reducers for many industrial applications. Ours is one of the largest testing and diagnosing facilities in the Gulf Coast area. Our seasoned team can accurately diagnose your speed increaser and other related issues, as well as many other forms of rotating equipment. In addition to expert testing, we provide precision machining, visual inspections, non-destructive testing, disassembly, and much more for your speed increasers and more. Contact HDS today to learn more.