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Is Your Rotating Equipment Ready for Winter?

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Many of Houston Dynamics’ clients in the Gulf Coast area were hit hard by the deep freeze in February of 2021. As a result, they have taken extra notice of how their critical rotating equipment is affected by extreme weather. To help out, we will answer the question “is your rotating equipment ready for winter?”


How Low Temperatures Affect Rotating Equipment

It wasn’t just that the temperature was extremely low. It was extremely low for a long period of time. Water lines froze and ultimately burst which crippled just about every industrial operation.  It was also disastrous when considering the use of clean water delivery as well as wastewater removal. Many process facilities’ rotating equipment failed, as it was not designed to work in prolonged low temperatures.

What You Can do to Prepare Your Rotating Equipment for Winter

So many operations went down because they had no plan in place for such an occurrence. While we acknowledge that most of us had not seen such extreme weather in the area in our lifetimes, it is always a possibility. In one case, a pump station was able to improvise by calling in for backup power and running both pumps at once, even though they had never done so before. Read more here on how they were able to persevere:

Your plan should include having your rotating equipment inspected and repaired if needed before the cold season. The low temperature will put extra stress on this equipment and can cause an unexpected breakdown. Additionally, you should have a contractor on hand who can handle your emergency scenario on any day and at any time. Don’t wait until after a breakdown to shop around for one, or you may be standing in a long line.

HDS Can Help

We at HDS offer 24/7 emergency rotating equipment repair services for all makes and models. Our dedicated emergency staff will assist you to get your operation back up ASAP. We offer rotating equipment repair and maintenance to increase reliability, extend lifespan, and reduce costs. Regardless of your needs, we can rebuild and repair to make your equipment run like new again.

Contact our team today or visit our location to get the services you need, when you need them.