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September 21, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Houston Dynamic Now Offering Sundyne Equipment Repairs and Parts

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HDS has over 40 years of experience in all types of rotating equipment repairs. But when a Sundyne pump was brought in for repairs recently, it presented new challenge even for their experienced staff.  Sundynes are typically repaired by the OEM or their exclusive distributors, so not many independent repair shops have significant experience with them.

HDS General Manager, Luke Lau, knew a resource who had dedicated their entire career to the repair of Sundyne pumps – Steve Timmons, who was with Exxon for 30 years – and enlisted his aid on the Sundyne venture. Consulting with the HDS Team, Steve provided guidance to make the Sundyne venture a success. Expanding from there a new partnership was established: Steve Timmons now consults with HDS full-time on the repair of Sundyne pumps and compressors. HDS is located in Houston, but takes on Sundyne repair projects from all over North and South America.

Sundyne direct drive and gear drive pumps, unlike multi-stage pumps, operate with a single stage centrifugal design and are typically used in injection applications.  Timmons explains, “Sundyne pumps do the same work of multi-stage pumps at half the horsepower; but they’re not right for every application.”  While the single impeller maximizes the efficiency of the pump and eliminates frequent adjustments, it can be difficult to find experienced repair facilities that can properly manage a Sundyne project because of their high speeds.

Sundyne LMV 322 Gearbox Test Run

HDS recognized a gap in the maintenance options available to Sundyne users. If a Sundyne pump required repair or replacement parts, customers had little choice but to go to the OEM or their exclusive distributors. This market created a demand resulting in long lead times and higher pricing. Says Lau, “We want to provide an affordable alternative to replacing Sundyne equipment and parts and do it in half the time it takes versus traditional routes. Why replace when a repair can be half the cost and extend the life of the equipment?” HDS has invested heavily in surplus Sundyne pumps and parts from all over the country, allowing them to expedite repairs by eliminating the need to order parts from other sources.

Says Lau, “we understand the frustration and lost revenue our customers experience when their pump is pulled out of service for months. That won’t happen when they team with HDS for their repair needs. In addition to emergency repairs, Lau suggests sending a suspect Sundyne pump to HDS for a complete analysis and overhaul. “Steve and our team will make recommendations to achieve optimal pump performance, efficiency, and prolong the life of the equipment – and it will be done economically and quickly. We don’t believe in expedite charges, we believe in getting our customers’ equipment back in operation in record time.”

Contact HDS for all your Sundyne pump and compressor repairs and replacement parts. They have the expertise and experience to provide optimum solutions with short lead times. Why replace when you can repair?