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HDS Gives Back: Our Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Volunteers

houston dynamic livestock show and rodeoThe 2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is now past … but what an impact it has in our town every year!  This huge undertaking is in large part made possible because of the efforts of thousands of volunteers.  Volunteers come from all over the city: they are called “Committeemen” and you can recognize them because they are all wearing a gold badge.  HDS is proud to say that many of our employees make it an annual event to volunteer many hours of their time at the Rodeo.

  • Currently, there are more than 27,000 volunteers serving on more than 100 different Show committees.
  • Committee members each donate an average of 67.7 hours of service to the Show every year.
  • Every single ZIP code in Harris County has committee members living in its neighborhoods.
  • The committee volunteer group is 41 percent female and 59 percent male.


“While the primary benefit of the Rodeo is the unparalleled entertainment opportunities it provides the region and the large distribution of charitable giving, the Rodeo also provides a bonus economic stimulus to the overall economy that is significant. This stimulus is almost certainly greater than any other sports or arts production in Houston and is comparable to the presence of a major economic base corporation with local employment in excess of 3,000 employees.” DR. BARTON SMITH


A 2010 thorough economic study done on the rodeo revealed the following:


  • Annual gross regional product is increased by $320,221,000.
  • Annual aggregate gross sales are increased by $475,403,000.
  • Annual personal incomes are raised by $290,710,000. 7,265 full-time equivalent jobs are created.
  • The local population is increased by 16,316 people.
  • Residential capital is changed by $361,877,000.
  • Non-residential capital is changed by $420,125,000.
  • The annual fiscal dividend (tax revenues) to local government is increased by $27,344,000. Expanded over the life of the Show’s current 30-year lease at Reliant Park, the increase in government revenue is estimated by the Show staff to exceed $820,000,000.


And this study is from 2010!  Can you imagine how the numbers have increased in four years?


We would like to recognize the HDS employees for their contribution to helping the rodeo, which not only gives a huge economic boost to the Houston area, but provides millions in educational scholarship programs to the youth in the region who have worked so hard to raise and show their livestock at the rodeo.


  • Julian Martinez (Machinist) and Ray Vela (Seal Strip Department) are in their 2nd year on the Gatekeepers Committee. In total they each give 50-60 hours of their time. Gatekeepers scan tickets at all entrances to the rodeo and livestock show.
  • Ron Grimes (Buyer) is in his 14th year volunteering.  He has held several positions, but worked on the Safety Committee in 2014.
  • Bobby Martinez has served on the Go Tejano Committee for 20 years.
  • Luke Lau (Vice President, Operations) is on year 4 of serving on the Breeder Greeter Committee and has been a volunteer for five years.
  • Clayton Lau (President) is in his 20th year on the Souvenir Program Committee. He is a former chairman of the committee and is currently an Ambassador for the committee and rodeo.


Thank you all for your continued commitment!