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HDS Expands to Meet Growing Needs of Customers

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Houston Dynamic Service is in the midst of hiring a new team of representatives to promote our services and offer our expertise and technology to meet the growing needs of the industries we serve. Our Southeast Houston facility specializes in rotating equipment repair for pumps, turbines, compressors, and more; but we are on a mission to learn what other needs our existing and prospective customers have that we are equipped to meet.

Currently, our market is mainly the local boundary of upper Texas, the Gulf Coast, parts of Louisiana, and even the occasional visit to Canada and South America. The petrochemical industry is one of our leading areas of expertise; but our rotating equipment services are provided in many others including mining, agriculture, wood products, power generation, clean/wastewater, and more.

Our manufacturing representatives are tasked with going out and telling the story of who HDS is and what we can do. One of our main goals is to help longtime customers find new products to help them be more efficient, which can be challenging as rotating equipment has become much more complex since we first opened for business. This complexity has caused many other independent repair facilities to flounder and eventually be sold to larger corporations. We have heard of customers waiting over a year for delivery of their equipment. HDS wants to minimize all customers’ wait time and offer solutions that allow smaller to midsize facilities to keep their doors open.

We have historically worked with OEM products and have developed new and efficient repair techniques, which we will be writing about soon. In addition, we are looking for more niches to fit into that other repair services don’t bother with to increase our market and diversification.

As part of our efforts to constantly improve quality, we have hired a rotating equipment engineer to help us acquire specific industry certifications, in addition to building a new website designed to work on all devices. We also have a new generation of employees who think differently and are encouraged to come up with new, more effective ways to do things in our facility. Growth is our ultimate goal, and as our President/CEO Clayton Lau says, “You either move forward or backward in this business, there is no standing still.”

If your rotating equipment is in need of repair or replacement or you are considering refitting your facility, contact us to speak with one of our team members or request a quote. We want to be of service!