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April 19, 2019
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Do I Need to Replace My Gearbox?

Gearbox Evaluation

Gearbox replacements can cost a lot of time and money, especially when production grinds to a halt, unexpectedly. The problem is often multiplied because of readily available replacement options. A new gearbox can take up to several months to receive from an OEM, assuming they are still in business and making the type of unit you need. However, in most cases gearbox replacement is not necessarily required. Expert repair services can restore your gearbox’s performance at a cost that is far less than replacement. A good gearbox repair team can even improve upon your OEM’s design to increase the longevity and performance of your gearbox.

Start with a gearbox evaluation before you begin shopping for a replacement. Qualified gearbox shops can inspect the unit, assess its failures, diagnose the issues, and even help you identify the most cost-efficient and timely way to get your operation back up and running. An experienced gearbox repair expert can also reverse engineer your gearbox to complete an evaluation and all needed repairs, even if you do not have blueprints available. Be sure to have the shop prepare and provide you with an official statement of the recommended repairs so you may review and approve it before beginning any work.

Planetary Gearbox Repair

Planetary gearboxes should be disassembled, inspected, with the measurement of all gears and shafts performed. These actions help determine if your components are qualified to be repaired. Some repair shops have the capabilities to manufacture new gears and shafts, if needed. Other repair services include items such as:

  • Replacement of bearings, nuts, seals, and bolts.
  • Rebuild drive assemblies.
  • Rebuild surface conveyors.
  • Balance the conveyor, bowl, and gearbox assemblies.
  • Test and reassembly of the centrifuge at service speed.
  • Repair frames and casing assemblies, as well as cleaning.
  • Repair or modification of electrical controls.

Speed Increaser / Speed Reducer Repair

As with gearboxes, speed increasers and reducers can also be repaired instead of replaced. These components are designed to increase or reduce the rpm transmitted between the two end points. Gearboxes can fail or perform well below specifications when these devices fail. Examples of typical issues include compressor malfunctions, low oil pressure, abnormal discharge temperature, leaks, strange noises, and much more. Parts of speed increasers and reducers must be disassembled, inspected, and reassembled to find the issue, which can include anything from the shaft seal block to the bearings.

Benefits of Gearbox Repairs

Cost is one of the obvious benefits when it comes to gearbox repairs, as it can cost substantially less than purchasing a new unit. Another advantage is the potential for better performance from your gearboxes. For example, speed can be increased and is an important advantage gained in repair. Some repairs can take as little as 24 hours, which is a huge advantage over shopping around and ordering a new one.

However, at times gearbox repair is not an option for units that have too much damage. Repairs are also faulty in scenarios where a design flaw or incomplete upgrade caused the initial damage. A repair only delays another failure in the future.

Houston Dynamic Supply Gearbox Repairs

We are an experienced gearbox repair shop based in Houston that can analyze the components of your gearbox and identify design improvements to enhance its performance. We can also perform gearbox rebuilds to increase its performance capabilities while ensuring its reliability. Call us today to discuss all your rotating equipment repair needs.