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A Guide to Sealing Strips in Turbines and Compressors

One of the main reasons rotating equipment can fail or not perform up to par are the sealing strips. Having a working knowledge of sealing strips will help you keep them working optimally. Following is some basic information about sealing strips in turbines and compressors.

Sealing Strips in Turbines

A turbine sealing strip is generally made from rubber and used in conjunction with a seal to prevent contact among rotating members. The rubbing strip is oriented coaxially with the sealing strips and has a clearance with the rotating member less than the smallest clearances provided by the sealing strips. The material and shape of the strip can be selected to fit desired wear properties. It can be made integrally with a sealing ring or formed to be inserted into a receiving recess on a sealing ring.

Sealing Strips in Compressors

Compressors can provide one of the toughest challenges when it comes to finding reliable sealing strips. Compressors are used in petrochemical processing, refineries, chemical processing, food and beverage, mining, and many other applications. Any of them may involve corrosive, toxic, combustible, or other dangerous applications requiring the need for dependable compressors.

Sealing systems may be wet or dry. Wet systems use a thin film of oil for lubrication and leak prevention. Dry systems do not circulate oil and keep seal faces separated by a film of gas or by controlling seal face forces. Your sealing strips will perform best if you make the correct systemchoice for the application, product composition, operational conditions, and any other variables.

You may also choose between arrangements including single seal, double seal, and tandem seal.  Sealing strips can also come in many shapes including:

  • J-Strips
  • L-Strips
  • Flat strips
  • Rotational strips
  • Stationary strips
  • And even custom strips for specialty equipment.

All of the above can be confusing when selecting strips for your turbine, compressors, and other rotating equipment. Be sure you have an expert on hand in order to help you select the best choice for your application and budget.

Houston Dynamic Supply Sealing Strips in Turbines and Compressors

The HDS team are experts in providing seals for compressors, turbines, and other rotating equipment to keep them in operation for as long as possible. We also have an extensive inventory of parts, components, and more which allow us to expedite your orders. Contact us today for your sealing strip  requirements.